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Who are the dogs on the cover page?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The "Cover Dogs" are all pets of friends of mine. They are all happy loved pups. I never anticipated such a huge response of photos but every time a text or a message comes in with one I can't help but smile. These dogs live the lives all dogs should live, happy, safe, comfortable and loved. Judging by the photos they all live the life of luxury, as they should. People ask what is your perfect dog, there is no clear answer to that. Each dog has an individual personality and fits perfectly with the family He or She chooses. We like to think we choose the pets we get but in all actuality they choose us. I learn that when searching for our most recent dog. We went to different rescues, interviews many dogs and even though they looked great on their profile page, some just weren't the perfect match. The rescue we eventually went through was Lab Rescue San Diego and they knew their stuff (think E-Harmony for dogs). They matched us with Wilson and he could not be more perfect. Dogs are smarter than we think and they are very intuitive. If a dog doesn't like someone or something there has to be a reason, they sense something is off. Want to have your dog be a cover dog, send their photo over! Over time we will add new faces to show everyone what happy loved dogs look like. Hopefully one day every dog will be happy and loved. We can hope, right?

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