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Can we give a big shout out to all of the rescues out there?! Day in and day out they work tirelessly with minimal resources to save animals. It's heartbreaking to see animals in neglect or abandoned but it is heartwarming to see them saved and rehabilitated and rehomed. For this reason we at Rescue Dog Barkery pledge to donate a portion of our earnings each month to different rescues. It's amazing that there are so many yet there are still so many animals in need of help.

We all have success stories about our rescues, I could bore you with stories of ours. :) Some rescues become famous, like the many celebrities who have rescued their pets. Another lucky rescue gets to live in perhaps the most famous house in the USA - Major, the German Shepherd who now with his brother holds the title of First Dog. No matter your political affiliation (and we DO NOT talk politics here) this is a pretty great story. I can't think of another lawn that's as great as theirs to run around on. ( I wonder who get's clean up duty) :) While Major and Champ are getting lot's of attention they aren't the First Pets at the White House, there have been many in the past. An interesting tidbit is that there were other rescue pets who lived there in the past - it's just that in the past rescues didn't get as much press as they do these days. (isn't it great how much times have evolved)?

Though Major is the first shelter dog in the White House, he is not the first rescue. Before Major there was Yuki, a mixed breed pup abandoned by his owner at a gas station in Texas and rescued by President Lyndon B. Johnson's daughter Luci. Bill Clinton's family cat, Socks, was also a rescue.

With all of this said thank you all for rescuing and supporting rescue organizations. It's because of YOU that many of these animals will get a chance to experience what a privileged and loved life really is.

As always share your photos of your rescues. Share your stories. It never gets old to hear a success story about an animal.

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