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Thanksgiving and your dog

I admit it my dog gets table scraps. Is it a good thing to do? Some would say NO, but he’s my dog and I and my family do what we think is best for him. With that said Thanksgiving is just days away and your dog will most likely be drooling over the yummy aromas coming from your kitchen. If you can’t stand those pleading eyes staring at you just dying for a taste of your beautiful menu, heres a helpful list of what not to give them. This holiday is one of the busiest for emergency vet visits because of food mishaps. If your are having a few guest over it may be a good list to pin on the bulletin board to remind everyone that while the dog may run the house he still has a few things he can’t have. 🐾😜. Enjoy your holiday. Check back soon for some yummy holiday treats to put in your pups stocking.

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