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Every Dog Should Be This Happy

Look at the faces of the dogs on the front page. These are faces of happy well loved dogs. Every dog should be so lucky. For the ones that aren't quite so lucky yet there are rescues out there ready willing and able to help get them to their perfect family. Rescues have come a long way over the years. Many take the dogs in and foster them in an in home environment before adopting them out. While some are still kenneled due to resources and space availability the stigma of a "dog pound" is slowly going by the wayside. If you need to rehome your dog for whatever reason please consider finding a no kill shelter or a rescue to take them in. My dog, our cover model Wilson was given up by his owners when they decided he was of no value to them anymore. While the husband said to take him to the pound, the wife had the decency to call a rescue and surrendered him to them. Thankfully she did because senior dogs do not do well in shelters. Our boy is now spoiled and loved more than ever and while I still find it hard to understand that someone can just dispose of their animal because they are too old or of no further use I am grateful that this family gave him up so he can experience unconditional love for the rest of his life.

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