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Even Celebrities Rescue!

There was a sweet story this week about a dog who had been returned to a rescue THREE times. This sounds crazy to me but it does happen. Well this lucky dog found his "forever" home and I think this dog has hit the jackpot. As the Jeffersons said "we're movin on up" this dog certainly is. His new dad is none other than Jon Hamm (star of Mad Men). I think this pup is going to be extra spoiled. Some may think this is insignificant, so what, a celebrity adopted a dog. Well in the big scheme of things it is. Celebrities can afford to go to a breeder and get a designer dog yet many choose to go out and rescue, to give an orphan dog, cat or whatever animal it may be, another chance. Other celebs that have rescued include Betty White, Ryan Reynolds, Maria Menunos, Kristen Bell, Chris Evans. There are so many more. This post isn't to glamorize celebrities it's just a feel good story with a happy ending.

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